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SOMEPAL Products

FUCOLI-SOMEPAL, FUNDIÇÃO DE FERRO SA, appoints Bahadii Group as Sole Agent and Distributor in EGYPT.
 Eng. Bahaa El Din Hussein, Chairman of the Bahadii Group, announced that after signing the contract with FUCOLI SOMEPAL in Portugal, this appointment will position the Bahadii Group as one of the leading suppliers of ductile cast iron products for water supply and sanitation in the Middle East.

FUCILI SOMIPAL, Bahadii Group Sole agent in Egypt

FUCILI SOMIPAL "History & Presentation

FUCOLI-SOMEPAL, FUNDIÇÃO DE FERRO SA the leading Portuguese company in the manufacturing of ductile cast iron products for water supply and sanitation. Founded in July 1946, over its 65 years of existence the company has consolidated its position in the national and international markets and in the past decade has achieved the status of one of the most renowned companies in the world in this sector.
Factory Certificates: ISO 9001:2008 | ISO 14001:2012 | OHSAS 18001:2007-NP4397:2008
The company has always made great efforts to guarantee high standards of quality, certifies in 1994 according with ISO 9001 standard in the following field of activities: Design production and distribution of valves and its fittings, fire hydrants, covers, grate over gutters, products for water, sanitation, gas, telecommunications other similar applications and parts of general mechanics in cast iron. In 2003, reaping the benefit of our efforts to differentiate the quality of our products with regard to our competitors, the company was the first in the sector to have some of our products certified (licence nº DDA-001/2003; DDA-002/2003; DDA-001/2004)